Time:10 minutes
Serves:8 – 10

Tarama Salad


50 g fish roe (fish eggs)
50 g white bread
150-200 ml vegetable oil
1 small onion
lemon juice (about 3 spoons)
2-4 Tablespoons mineral water


Roe with bread
Soak the roe in water, wrapped in a cheese cloth, to desalt (if needed). Soak the slice of bread in cold water. Squeeze any excess water. Cut the bread in small pieces.
Pour the oil into roe
Mix roe with bread in a bowl until you have a paste. Keep mixing and start to pour the oil in, little by little, as you would for mayonnaise.
Tarama with chopped onion
Be careful to not to add to much oil. If it looks to thick, add lemon juice, blend, then add a little water to make it thinner. Continue adding the rest of the oil. Taste it. Add salt if needed. Chop the onion and add it to the salad. Let it cool overnight. Serve on slices of freshly baked bread or on toast.


If you pour too much oil at once, tilt the bowl so that the oil forms a puddle and mix it into the rest of the salad little by little. To avoid such accidents, use a bottle with a small hole in the lid.

If the roe curdles, you can fix it with a small piece of bread soaked in water. Put the bread in another bowl and start to transfer small amounts of roe and oil mixture and blend each amount until homogenized.

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