Time:50 minutes

Roulade with cheese, mushrooms or meat filling


The quantities are for a square oven tray

Dough sheet:

100 g flour
100 ml vegetable oil
500 ml milk
5 eggs
1 tsp salt
one clean kitchen towel


300-400 g farmers cheese or quark or cottage cheese
100-200 g Feta cheese
1 bunch dill


Dough sheet

How the ball is formed in the middle
Stir the flour and the vegetable oil into a medium pan. It looks like lard, at room temperature. Add the boiling milk and stir on medium heat until it forms a ball in a center of the pan. It takes about 10 minutes. Separate the eggs. Beat the egg whites into a stiff foam.
Fold in the egg whites and yolks
Set aside for 10 minute. After that add fold in the yolks, salt and egg whites. Grease the oven tray and dust it with flour or use baking paper. Spread the mixture into the tray. Bake for 15 minutes in a preheated oven - 150-170°C. Verify if it’s done.


The dough, spreaded
Mix the shredded Feta cheese with the farmers cheese and the chopped dill. Taste it and adjust it as you like.
Roulade sheet, nicely browned
Roll the roulade in the damp cloth. Let it stay for 5 minutes. Unroll and put the filling in. Roll it back. If you like, you can spread some butter and shred some cheese.
How to roll the roulade

Other fillings

MUSHROOMS FILLING: 2 mushrooms tins, 1 onion, 1-2 eggs, parsley and/or dill, salt and pepper. Dice the onion and cook it in 1 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp water. Add the mushrooms, salt, pepper and some reserved juice form the can. Cook it for another 10 minutes. After the juice is evaporated add the eggs and cook until it’s done.
MEAT FILLING: 500 g pork ground meat, 1 onion, 1-2 eggs, parsley and/or dill, salt and pepper. The same instructions like the mushrooms filling. Replace mushrooms with meat, and the reserved juice with water or soup.

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