Time:45 minutes
Serves:2 – 3

Stuffed Mushrooms


25 champignon mushrooms
100 g german or polish sausage
100 g cheese
1/4 red bell pepper
2 tomatoes
100 ml white wine
100 ml water
2 Tbl vegetable oil
2 Tbl chopped parsley
salt, black pepper


Mushroom cap stuffed with german sausage
Clean the mushrooms. Remove the stems. You can use only the caps or you can chop the stems and use the for stuffing.
Mushrooms with sausages, bell peppers and tomatoes
Slice the sausage and the cheese in 25 pieces so they can fit into the mushrooms caps. Season the mushroom caps with salt and pepper.
Add a piece of cheese
Arrange the mushrooms caps to fit into a oven tray. In each mushroom cap add a piece of sausage, tomato bell pepper and cheese.
Add the chopped parsley and the wine
Pour over the wine and the water, sprinkle the chopped parsley. Cook them at 350°F (175°C) for about 30 minutes.
A portion of stuffed mushrooms
Serve them warm with sauce and fresh chopped parsley.


You can make a filling from the stems mixed with feta cheese, sour cream and chopped dill to stuff tomatoes, eggplants or zucchini and baked them with the mushrooms.

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